Welcome to the Minnesota Radio Network

Building Radio systems with out Brandmeister's BS.

Ham Radio Systems that I am hosting

(I am not hosting GMRS Servers yet.  I hope to eventually)



We will no longer be carrying any groups from Brandmeister. 

Corey Dean (N3FE) is the administrator of the US Brandmeister network and has made up several new rules that

repeater owners and cbridge owners are not happy about.  We do not have these rules.

We do not have 10 minute timers on state wide talkgoups.  You can bridge a talkgroup to this network with the permission of the talkgroup owner. 

You can make any talkgroup a static talkgroup if you want.  You can request a talkgroup if you would like.


MNTRBO - The Minnesota DMR MotoTRBO Network

AMCOMM C-Bridge - The New Amateur Communications Network  (Website not setup yet) - Click here for a current talkgroup list

AMCOMM MMDVM Server -   It is currently in its setup stage.  - Click here for the talkgroup list.

MNDMR - The Minnesota DMR Network (I am now an admin of this system, if you want to add a repeater let us know.)

***Click here for an updated repeater and talkgroup listing of MNDMR repeaters***

ARERT - The Amateur Radio Emergency Response Teams Network

MNGMRS - The Minnesota GMRS Network (I have not had time to set up this system yet)

FreeDMR - The Free DMR Network Based out of the UK.  (I have not had time to set up any FreeDMR Servers yet)



- Servers that I am hosting -

If you would like to connect to my servers you can contact me.  My contact info is on QRZ.  My call is N0VZC.

IPSC2 - DMR Server in Minnesota

Cbridge Call Watch - The MNTRBO C-Bridge at my Minnesota Data Center

Cbridge Call Watch - The MNTRBO C-Bridge at the Virginia Data Center

Allstar - The MNRADIO Allstar Network