Welcome to the Minnesota Radio Network

Ham Radio Systems that I am hosting

(I am not hosting GMRS Servers yet.  I hope to eventually)


Corey Dean (N3FE) who runs the Brandmeister network has removed my connection to them.

He does not like that I have multiple c-bridges and a IPSC2 server all connected together.

He sees them as competition to his Brandmeister network.


MNTRBO - The Minnesota DMR MotoTRBO Network

AMCOMM - The New Amateur Communications Network  (Website not setup yet) - Click here for a current talkgroup list

MNDMR - The Minnesota DMR Network (I am now an admin of this system, if you want to add a repeater let us know.)

***Click here for an updated repeater and talkgroup listing of MNDMR repeaters***

ARERT - The Amateur Radio Emergency Response Teams Network

MNGMRS - The Minnesota GMRS Network (I have not had time to set up this system yet)

FreeDMR - The Free DMR Network Based out of the UK.  (I have not had time to set up any FreeDMR Servers yet)



- Servers that I am hosting -

If you would like to connect to my servers you can contact me.  My contact info is on QRZ.  My call is N0VZC.

IPSC2 - DMR Server in Minnesota

Cbridge Call Watch - The MNTRBO C-Bridge at my Minnesota Data Center

Cbridge Call Watch - The MNTRBO C-Bridge at the Virginia Data Center

Allstar - The MNRADIO Allstar Network